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Retail Brandingthru framework

  • GOALS We isolated the keywords of Starbucks goals - Early Morning, Pleasant, Coffee, Positivity, Ease - as part of a story to depict what Starbucks provide us.
  • PROCESS A walk thru the day of Mr. Baker included a timeline and his experience.
  • LOCATION Production design & Locations were taken into account to be around / outskirts of Paris, France
  • One can add the other critical elements of enterprise architecture to complete this picture - of accounting for missing train, broken bridge - decision making.
  • ACTOR - any guess who is the subject? Mr. Baker.

Retail branding can benefit from framework based content creation.  

Mr. Baker's life of waking up in the morning, walking by his baker, his viewpoint, allows us to stitch a story of coffee place's culture - Starbucks in this case.

Pursue below - left to right - top to bottom.