• He has a mission statement and a motivation to ride the 7.10 AM bus.
  • He has a process in his capability to get to the bus stand in time by car or runs to it, as above.
  • The information that he musters to lead a mundane activity is equally daunting - a list of bus schedules, the path to get from his home to the bus station, the various buses that are possible
  • He has a specific location to get to - and from - either his home or the various park and rides
  • Of course he never misses the bus, but alas if he does miss, he has a plan...call his wife, or his better half to get a ride. Or just reach out to obnoxious Mr. Jeffery - his colleague for a ride. He has got the scenarios covered, by jove!

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Call us to know more about this technique and its ROI. We can discuss its immediate value and appease your knowledge management interests for the long term goals.Mr Hawk going on an extended vacation shouldn't impact your best customer's demands.

Mr Jackson is on the verge of missing the 7.10 AM bus to his office. He is contemplating the various options he has left - if he misses the bus. It's amusing to think that this tardy behavior of Mr. Jackson is representative of enterprise planning activities.