​We  plan in collaboration with your team - business & technology - to assure easy adoption and minimize training.


We constantly evaluate ROI of our decisions to assure value of change.

FHLB Operational Model

A Conceptual Model Federal Home Loans Operational Model


We conducts sessions of discovery with clients to gather operating model knowledge and provide highlights of what can be achieved in a timeline - capitalizing on visual communications as an optimization for faster throughput. Links below for an idea.

Major platforms are advanced analytics SQL on Netezza, Teradata, custom analytics pipeline on Tableau - Python, PostGre for extensive customization, integration of analytics process with enterprise schedules engines, security functional groups design & implementation,  Analytics environment management, and training of resources.

Architecture artifacts are a plus.

​ ​​​SphinxBI 

 Model. Measure. Visualize.


Larger Process Flow for Analytics


A instant gratification is assured as we engage - with an assured initial rapid visualization of your problem space solution - albeit a smaller scope. 

For data projects - a tableau based visualization of your immediate data.

For process based needs, expect a conceptual model of process flow

For change management targeting operational model, expect a capability matrix - albeit at a level of smaller scope.

Plan & BUILD