Model. Measure. Visualize.


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Enterprise Planning 101 

  • Sessions of discovery drawing board sessions .
  • Goals/Metrics Evaluation That laundry list - broken down into maps of actions, that is best fit for your culture.  
  • Conceptual Modeling of Business Process flow to cater to knowledge management drivers. Build mega posters of your goals, process & information tied together.
  • Logical & Physical Modeling  Allow the big pictures to talk to your technology - much needed connector between boardroom/golf course ideas& yoursystemsthat hum along 24X7.  ERWIN Macros/templates design as bonus.
  • Number CrunchingNetezza, Teradata, Oracle, DB2 advanced analytics Push technology ROIto the max - by applying the best of what you pay for - into wealthcreation.
  • Visualizations Process Architecture & implementation via Tableau Desktop/Server. View your goals, decisions & bottlenecks in 1080p - with a sense of taste.